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Hi all!

A petition is now online against the Star Eater.

It has been proposed by myself and reviewed by Laurent Laveder, Thierry Legault, Ian Norman, Damian Peach, Aaron D. Priest and Babak Takeshi.

We invite you to sign it and share it all around you:

Clear sky


This petition really demonstrated just how little this matters (under 2000), I can see why Sony is not fixing this at this point.

Agreed. I'm considering exchanging my A7RII for a Nikon D750 based on this. For the same price as the body alone I can get the Nikon with a couple good lenses and with no significant limitations (like not easily being able to shoot astrophotography or nightscapes). Everything is a compromise, but the fact that Sony has made such a compromise on firmware alone (the hardware is great) is even more disappointing.

Before you exchange your camera, please take a photo like this: with your A7rii, then take another with a Nikon D750 and show us, how much better you can do with the Nikon.

Yes, "star eater" is for real, and I have signed the petition. Yet, for 99.9% of people who do occasional astro work it is no issue whatsoever.

I did some comparisons myself with A7rii using 3sec ("no star eater effect") versus 4sec ("star eater in effect") exposure times and was hard pressed to see ANY difference between the two at 100% magnification pixel peeping.

If however the image I linked to above is NOT GOOD ENOUGH for what you are striving for, then by all means get a different camera.

You keep on referring to this (really great!) picture, not mentioning the facts that

  • It was produced out of over 50 shots
  • A tracker was used
  • And most importantly, the camera was on an old firmware!!!

So as much as I get your point that great astro pics can be taken, this picture really doesn't help with the topic at hand.

Enjoy your weekend!

1. Great astro pictures can be taken with A7rii, if you know what you are doing.

2. Tracker would make "star eater" more pronounced, cause stars are less likely to fall onto multiple pixels. Without tracker, the slightest streaking will prevent any stars from being "eaten up".

3. Yes, it is old firmware, but exposure was > 30 sec. Even with old firmware, the "star eater noise reduction" is in full effect with exposures > 30 sec !

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