Upgrading from Speedlights

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Re: Upgrading from Speedlights

It depends. I use a bag of YN560III's (4) plus a pair of Buff Einsteins and an AB800.

The mono lights are used for big spaces and the speed lights for everything else. Lots easier to use speed lights in folks houses.

A typical head shot, I put a pair of speed lights in a wescott orb, snoot one for a hair/rim light and one in a strip box or umbrella for fill. Or a pair of umbrellas for key and fill and a hair/rim light. Running a pair at 1/4 power is almost instant recycle. Easy to put up 3 on a $20 umbrella tri-bracket. Did headshots for a dentists staff that way. Later for the group shot, hung a 10x20 white Wescott wrinkle free and bounced an Einstein off the wall behind me at full power with the 7" reflector.

In a dance studio with 9x20 ft background, to stop motion and provide a big, soft forgiving light envelope for hours, day after day, a pair of Einsteins in 64" PLMs with diffusers. For a charities board of directors group shot in a converted super market with acres of fluorescent fixtures, two Einsteins bounced off wall/ceiling behind me with standard 7" reflectors. Santa Claus outdoors, and Einstein and diffused Omni.

So unless you need to light up a supermarket or dance studio or large office or big space outdoors, speed lights will do. I do have a favorite setup with a homemade acrylic globe on an Einstein at the end of an overhead boom but still use a bare or snooted speed light for rim/hair.

Sometimes I need simultaneous setups for dance audition photos. Big lights setup for full body poses and speed lights setup for head shots.

I'd recommend you keep you speed lights but make them all YN560III's. Then add a kit of mono lights if you need them. I have a pair of both 43" and 64' convertible umbrellas with diffusers and the can be used with either speed lights or mono lights. Same with Wescott Apollo Orb & Strip Boxes. YN 560-TX Remote for YN560II's and Cyber Commander for Einsteins. The Buff CST works just fine atop a YN603II so mix and match.

Einstein & Omni with Diffuser setup

Einstein & Omni

Speed light head shot setup

Speed light head shot

Einstein & speed light setup

Einstein & speed light

Einsteins in Dance Studio setup

Einsteins in dance studio

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