Looks like the 6D Mark II is selling like hotcakes despite...

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Jonathan Brady
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Re: it's quite possible

aftab wrote:

From this example eye AF seems amazing.

It's pretty awesome. It's not flawless. But to put it in perspective, so far (in my limited experience), I would say Eye AF with the A7r II works at least as well (better, I think, but again, I have limited experience) as facial recognition with the 5D Mark IV in live view (obviously utilizing DPAF). Obviously Sony has facial recognition too, but Eye AF is even more specific.

More amazing of course is the Captain in the picture. Priceless.

Haha! Thanks! He's pretty awesome! But I'm a fanboy of my son so it's clearly a biased opinion

More Eye AF prowess. Batis 85mm at f/4. ISO 4000.

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