Looks like the 6D Mark II is selling like hotcakes despite...

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Re: it's quite possible

1Dx4me wrote:

Jimmy K. wrote:

Jonathan Brady wrote:

but it doesn't make much sense...

It's hilarious... That everything must be due to some conspiracy or evil plan by Canon...

LOL, especially Jonathan Brady, i don't know, he has some kind of bad blood (or may not) going with canon

I have been a loyal Canon user for over two decades and I have a hard time making sense of what Canon has done with the 6D2, so Jonathon is not alone in his criticism.  When I compare the 6D to the 6D2 I see the main improvements are a tilt screen, better AF (basically Rebel level AF), a little faster frame rate, 60p video and a deeper shot buffer.  These are nice improvements but as updates for a five year old camera they seem rather thin to me.  Then consider the 6D2 has marginally worse DR (or it appears to have at this time) and worse 1080p video quality due to the loss of All-I compression and it gets a little thinner.

People being critical of the 6D2 are not being unreasonable, IMO.  I was looking forward to the 6D2 and had fully expected to upgrade to it.  Unless something breaks for it that I don't know about right now, I won't be buying one at all.  Even if the price drops to $1,500 or less.

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