Canon 70-200 f4 IS - Quality Problem with Focus Module

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Re: Canon 70-200 f4 IS - Quality Problem with Focus Module

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Janrick wrote:

Hi I am having the same problem can anyone let me now how much it will cost me to get repaired please

It does depend on what they end up replacing. Where are you based? In the U.K. I paid £216 plus shipping early this year to get mine fixed, and it seems to be working perfectly again now.

i am very surprised to hear this issue with canon 70-200 f4.0 IS. i had for many years, using it in some of the roughest environment overseas (dropping it a few times) with no issues whatsoever. so it is news to me

It might be a certain batch/batches? I did read a theory that it's more of an issue with lenses made around 2011, which mine was.

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