Lightroom Performance on Newest MacBook Pro

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Re: Lightroom Performance on Newest MacBook Pro


I have a 2010  homebuilt desktop Quad i7 2.93 ghz 16gb ram and a very basic GPU in Windows 7. I don't use the GPU in Lightroom. My previews are 1680 and it takes between 1 and 3 secs for a Canon 5D3 image to load in Develop.  It seems to make very little difference if I load a old 5D image or one from a 5D3, the delays come from how fast i move from image to image. Otherwise the computer is pretty responsive, but the CPU fan is pretty busy when I do a lot of cloning or local adjustment. Previews and catalogue on a SSD, CR2s on rotary drives in the computer.

I don't earn my living using Lightroom and really have very little to complain about its performance. I have just tried out CI, DXO 11 and ACDsee 10 and really as far as I am concerned, Lightroom is no better or worse overall. Price wise it is very good, except I object to the subscription


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