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Paul Clark SJ wrote:

Paul Clark SJ wrote:

I bought a x70 as a travel camera and to play around with some new camera features - touch screen, flip-out screen, and a the x-Trans sensor.

The camera and I have been to Iceland and Ireland. In Iceland, it was my only camera. IT worked well for what it is but it was not the best choice for Iceland. A lot of the vistas there benefit from telephoto compression. I took lots of shots I liked, but I passed on a lot of them as well.

In Ireland, I took the X70 and a Nikon V2 with the CX 70-300 lens. I took halk my shots with both cameras.

The x70 is a great travel camera and carry around camera. I carry the pair around a lot (my other hobby is bird watching and the V2/CX 70-300 is the best light weight option there is right now).

Love the camera and would recommend it to any one who is looking for a fixed lens compact camera. I do even use RAW when I am on a family vacation. I just use the file simulation bracketing to get three different jpgs and pick the best of the three.

That should have been I do NOT use raw on family vacations. I use the film simulation bracketing and use the classic chrome, velvia, and one of the monochrome simulations. The pictures are enough for social media without editing them in PS.

I wish there was a corresponding 85mm fixed lens compact. Along with the x70, it would cover 3/4 of my photographic needs.

I have my X70 which I use as my everyday walk around. But recently have been using my XT10 with my 60mm macro also as a walk around which I have taken a real shine to, as the IQ is superb IMHO and is small and light. It is small enough so both cameras fit nicely in my photog jacket. I use the 60 mainly for close up work- flowers, butterflies, small garden critters, etc, but when I'm on a walk it is very useful for casual portraits, landscapes, etc. That covers 3/4 of my photographic needs. Just a suggestion.

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