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Live view and Preview

myess wrote:

Thanks. That is what I thought. For both cameras right? What is it called?

For the avoidance of doubt, there are 2 sorts of real time simulation for every Pany camera since G1. There "Live View" and "Preview". Both could display real time simulation according to the setting change in real time on either the evf or LCD. So the salesman is wrong.

Live view is a default feature to Pany camera, that you do not need to enable it and you cannot disable it.

It was used to be only available to P/S/A for older models, but now also available to M if the "Constant Preview" under Custom Menu = ON.

Under P/S/A, when shooter adjusts parameter, exposure condition of the live view simulation would usually remain constant. It is because of P/S/A's sort of auto/semi-automatic function which will counterbalance any adjustment made by the shooter to maintain a center metering exposure (so always a well-lit image despite it might be dark actually outside).

If shooter adjust exposure compensation (EC) making the exposure be away from center metering, the simulation would start to reflect the brightness according to the setting.

Preview, is also available to Pany camera since G1, has to be activated by a key (needs to be assigned to a fn key in newer models) and was the only real time simulation similar to live view for the M mode. It can also be activated under P/S/A.

P.S. Preview will not be co-existed with Live View in M.

The goodness of Preview is that it can simulate a more close to the image to be captured than Live view. It will also not subject to the limitations of some older Pany models (e.g. 1/1000" that the live view would stop to update etc). Under strong lighting condition sometimes might cause wash in evf/LCD making live view difficult to read, Preview can display a much better image. So whenever I have doubt on the live view, I would activate Preview for a better understanding on the exposure condition.

When using very slow shutter speed in M, as live view has to reflect that effect and so the live view refresh rate would be reduced to so laggy that could affect operation. I'll disable Constant Preview (save it in a C mode) and use Preview instead.

Unfortunately Preview needs to be activated by a fn key, and would cancel upon half press of shutter. So I might have to activate it a few times for a shot that might be annoying.

Wishing it can answer your question.

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