I Got My 6D2! First Impressions

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I Got My 6D2! First Impressions

So in my brief time so far playing with the camera, here's what I found:

Build - being that it's almost identical to the 6D it has a real good solid feel. After 3 weeks of only using my M5, it honestly feel good to once again experience that big solid feel of a DSLR The articulatung screen is really nice. At first I was a bit disappointed when I read it was only 1.04 million dots unlike my M5 but they have definitely improved the quality of it and I can see the difference compared to my old 6D.

Autofocus - The difference is truly day and night with the outter points. I always found them to be too unreliable on my 6D but that definitely isn't the case with the Mark II. I actually find myself overwhelmed with so many AF points to choose from. I'm personally used to just choosing a single point I feel like that's a waste with all those beautiful AF points to choose from. I find the AF to be very fast and accurate too, even with the horrible lighting inside my house.

Shutter - This is obviously something most people wouldn't mention but the second I took the first shot I could hear the difference. It may be a bit louder than the 6D but I like the sound to it, you can really tell it's made for the higher FPS.

IQ - Now I haven't had any time to shoot anything proper (you can thank my 10 hour shift today) but I was quite impressed with what I seen. I didn't bother trying to underexpose then pull up in post since I was working with limited light in my apartment and if that was a real world scenario, I would make sure to nail the exposure (in daylight would be a much better situation to try this). I was mostly using the body at ISO 1000 and up and I was impressed with how it handed the noise. I didn't try anything crazy like 40,000 though. One shot I quickly took of my girlfriend was at ISO 1000 (we get up real early for work when the sun still isn't up) and there was some noise in the OOF areas but on her face the detail was really impressive, almost like I was shooting ISO 640 max. In all honesty I'm not the type to spot a huge difference since IMO the lens you use would have a greater effect than the body so when reviewing and playing with the files in LR I felt like I was using my 6D or M5.

Some quick things to note.

- Although it doesn't affect the RAW images, the picture style was set to auto and it did not look good in the previews. It's good to set up the picture styles before doing anything and all the other small settings like high exposure NR which can give you a bad impression if you're going off what you see on the back of the camera.

- Just like the 5D4, if you leave all the lens correct settings on enabled, then you will get the black circle with third part lenses. I had to turn off everything but CA correction for my Sigma 85mm to stop having the crop circles

- Most of my lenses needed AFMA on my 6D so I was holding off on judging certain aspects until I could dial in the right value for each lens.

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