FX Glass on DX Body

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Re: The focal length is the focal length

FingerPainter wrote:

that other guy wrote:

Well since we agree, which feels weird after all this time,

Well, I am glad we agree.

those pictures were not to scale! And I know you could say, well it didn't need to be, but in this case, yes it did,

Which pictures are you referring to, the two in my example, or some other ones you and HT ware discussing?

The ones that HT posted. I described them to a co-worker today and he agreed that if a circle is bigger on the APS-C pic, then the tree should be bigger too.

because even now, I think HumanTarget and I disagree on 2 of 3 major points. And what he/she is/was saying, was throwing me off into different tangents.

I'm not so sure that you and HT are disagreeing so much as misunderstanding each other, or possibly misunderstanding the implication of what is being said. I don't think anything I have written, to which you agree, is at odds with what HT wrote. We reached a common understanding by listening to each other, seeking clarification and providing answers to questions, an approach that isn't always found in the back-and-forth of internet fora. You and HT have been trying that too, but with less success so far.

Yeah, HT and I are little bit closer now, since I now agree with one of his points about lens flaws. However we still might disagree with at least how film gets recorded and printed when compared to how digital files get recorded and printed.

What do you think about equivalence?

I think of it in much the same way I think of converting from Imperial to metric units. It's just a system of converting from one frame of reference to another. Most of it is straightforward, some is a bit counter-intuitive until you understand it better, and there is the occasional gotcha. like the fact that a tonne is a unit of mass, whereas a ton can be either a unit of weight or of volume.

Wow, I am so far removed from the metric system that I forgot that the word tonne existed. And yes, equivalence blew my mind when I first learned about it. I hope that enough people catch on, that camera and lens manufacturers will be forced to stop lying about their maximum apertures in their specs for lenses designed to cover sensors smaller than FF. Well, great discussion, see you around. (Or not, it took me 3 years to post lol).

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