The best Fuji XF blogs?

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You will find some quality stuff at, and they also have an active FB group. You can also subscribe to their monthly magazine which has excellent content.

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I am thinking about subscribing to Fujilove for some time now. However I am quite unsure if it's really worth it. Would some of you guys who are actually subscribing share their experiences? Thanks a lot!

I've been subscribed for just over a year, it costs a bit of money but I like it because:

  • The monthly magazine (in PDF format) is of good quality with the articles written by some really excellent and well-known Fuji photographers. The articles are mostly oriented towards inspirational topics as opposed to technical topics.
  • Podcasts and videos are made available regularly covering a wide range of topics, from technical how-to content regarding lighting techniques, camera tips, post processing tips,  to more general photography topics, etc.
  • Regular workshops are also organized.

I find that the level and quality of photography on display is of a significantly higher caliber than what you will normally come across on the web, and it is all Fujifilm related.

It's definitely worth having a look at the website first, and maybe joining their Facebook group before deciding to sign up.

Last but not least, they offer a 26% discount on a new PDF book by Dan Bailey on Fuji X cameras if you're a member.

New book by Dan Bailey

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