MFT Lens Turbo II Flare

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Re: Yes, this is a real-life problem

I'm sure you're right about WA lenses being more sensitive with the LT2. I tried this again at my window, and the flare almost disappears when I shield the light beyond the hood but not so far as to cause vignetting. Therefore, it's important to have a deep enough hood and/or to add at least a front mask such as you've done. The hood that was designed for the lens is considerably shorter than what is optimal for the derived FL and AOV when used with a FR Adapter. That's why I bought deeper hoods for each of my lenses based on equivalent 35mm FL. It's not a complete solution, but it helps a lot. I'm now planning to determine the optimal depth of hood for each of my lenses and buy these, if I can find them. There's a Chinese company that markets cheap aluminum hoods on eBay under the name Rise.

One of these days, I'll replace the LT2 with a Speedbooster so maybe that weakness will be gone. In the meantime, thanks to you, once I've gotten my new hoods it'll be time for me to make some masks. I'll start with outer baffles and see if they are sufficient.

This is very helpful, so thanks again, Alan!

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