MFT Lens Turbo II Flare

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Alan WF
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Yes, this is a real-life problem

I haven't done much with the LTii lately, but looking through my files, I'm hard pressed to find any examples, except some night shots where street lights have extra glow around them. I mean, were you seeing defects in your normal work, which prompted you to do the tests and the mod?

Yes, before I installed the mask, I had severe problems with this flare in real-life photography.

I got my LT2 a week before I left for a holiday. A couple of days before I left, I figured out that I could mount my New FD 28/2.8. I didn't get much chance to test it before I left, but I set off happy that I'd have a New FD 50/1.4 with a plain adapter on one body and a New FD 28/2.8 with a focal reducer (giving me a 20/2) on the other. That combination of focal lengths are just about perfect for most of my social photography.

The happiness did not last long. Below are some photos of my kids with the 28/2.8 on the LT2 from the first day. The first is at the airport, the second on the plane, and the third in a restaurant at the hotel. After that, I gave up on the LT2 and used my native 20/1.7, which thankfully I had taken along to have a point-and-shoot option.

After a couple of days, I finally got some time to investigate the problem and gained an empirical understanding, although I'd not yet figured out exactly what was causing the scattered light. I cut a mask from a dark photograph on the hotel's program for the day, and with that was able to use the 28/2.8 on the LT2.

Perhaps the reason my experience is so different to yours is that I typically use my LT2 with much wider lenses, a 28 and a 35-70.



First real-life example of flare with the New FD 28/2.8 and LT2.

Second real-life example of flare with the New FD 28/2.8 and LT2.

Third real-life example of flare with the New FD 28/2.8 and LT2.

My first mask, cut from paper.

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