Distagon 35mm f1.4 - Personal Experience

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Re: Distagon 35mm f1.4 - Personal Experience

Scrollop wrote:

It's the lens I use 90% of the time (also have the Sony 28-70, Batis 85, Sony 55, Batis 18).

It is on the large side, my copy is soft on the right, but the rendering is the king, the AF is quick and accurate, especially with eye AF (which discounts the canon 35mm 1.4 II for me). I tried 4 copies (frsutrating as every copy was soft on the right - I now think it's almost interntional, as the soft right sided lenses appear sharper in the centre than the "uniform" copies).

It's my number one lens. I use it when just walking around rather than opting for a smaller lens as it's that good. Was thinking of also getting the sony 35mm 2.8 as 35mm is my preferred FL, though though I can take the size and the versatility of 1.4 is grand

Mmm you havent seen the Canon 35mm with metabones firmware v57 I assume since you said "eye af which rules out the Canon"?

This new firmware rules and you can use eye af across the frame in continuous mode. Then again I don't shoot my subjects close with the 35mm so it's usually too far for eye af with either native or adapted but just wanted to clarify this.

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