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Re: Another before-after

Alan WF wrote:

I could well agree that there's a loss of contrast here, but I don't see a strongly structured flare like the one over my face in my original example with the 28 mm, coming down from the window in my later examples with the 28, 50, and 100 mm, or coming in from the upper left in your earlier image of the woman walking.

I think the reason is that the scene is so bright. I find the flare ruins the image when I have a dark scene with bright lighting around it. Here, there's not enough contrast between the scene and the sky for the flare to completely spoil the image.

I posted the marina scene to show how veiling flare happens due to bright surfaces causing it within a scene. As with the previous image, it can be corrected. Besides your test shots, have you encountered this severe "strongly structured flare" in your normal shooting? I haven't done much with the LTii lately, but looking through my files, I'm hard pressed to find any examples, except some night shots where street lights have extra glow around them. I mean, were you seeing defects in your normal work, which prompted you to do the tests and the mod?

Here's the Nikon 105 w/ LTii again --

I actually think the flare from a stoplight here makes the shot more interesting.

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