MFT Lens Turbo II Flare

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Another before-after

I know there's degradation, but I just don't find it to be that much of a problem with most scenes, considering the ability to correct veiling flare in PP.

Here's a before-after shot with Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 lens and LTii (downsized to 1200h). First, the OOC JPEG; second, the corrected processed Raw. Below that are 100% crops, so you can see the improvement in detail & contrast (unfortunately a bit more noise due to sharpening). Corrections were made on separate layers, so further adjustments could be made (i.e. African-American man's face).

View the last two at 100% Details to see a good comparison.

before-after 1200h

100% crop, OOC JPEG

100% crop, retouched processed Raw

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