Side-by-Side, vs format required for 3D Blu-ray

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Re: Side-by-Side, vs format required for 3D Blu-ray

I have in the past made a Blu-ray disk with 3d video recording on it.

The software I used ( on my PC ) is Sony Movie .Studio Platinum 12 It will burn a blu-ray rewritable disk BD-RE ( 25GB ) with the 3d movie. I have a Pioneer Blu-ray writable disk unit in my PC.

I used two video cameras which were mounted side by side and produce two clips , one for left and one for right. They were 1920x1080 pixels and in some cases the frame rate was 30pfs and in other cases it was 24fps. I would import the left and right clips into the Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 software and align the clips to each other ( the software would show the two images as a red-cyan anaglyph to allow this alignment to take place ). When everything was ok , I would burn 3d movie clip to a blank Blu-ray disk.

I could watch the 3d movie clip using my PC monitor and 3d shutter glasses.

Sony Movie .Studio Platinum 12 has been updated/replaced by Magix and I am not certain they have kept the 3d  alignment and burning capabilities.

I hope you have found this information useful.

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