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Re: Fuji X-T2 - Exposure setting

KappaBear wrote:

Cliff Fujii wrote:

Do you have the camera set for AF-C instead of AF-S? Generally BBF can be set to lock focus to a certain point and use the shutter button to lock in exposure or you can set BBF so that both focus and exposure is locked in when you press the Fn button. The AF-ON setting needs more work because with the current Fuji implementation, pressing the assigned AF-ON button will no lock in the settings like on Nikon.

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Hi Cliff,

I've tried both AF-C & AF-S, and it still does this. I just tried focusing on my patio door handle, and then panning the room/re-composing, and the EVF is jumping all over the place, as the shutter speed also changes. I guess this is just normal behavior for this camera. It's going to take some getting used to.


It sounds like you might have connection or PC board issues.  I think it's time to get ahold of the Distributor and send in your camera for repair.  Make sure you document your issue (either record through the EVF or if you are having issues with the LCD, it might be better to record through the LCD and let Fuji Service that it's happening through the EVF also.

Document any other defects you've discovered and make sure you let Fuji Service know about them.  The one time I had to deal with Fuji Service was a good experience.  To let you know, I can't reproduce your issue on my X-T2 or X-T20.  You can give me a step by step description as to what you were doing when you had this issue.

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