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I have specific reasons for choosing "my own" ISO, just like aperture or shutter speed. I don't want my camera changing things on it's own.

Unlike sharpness and aperture, you can effectively change ISO in post so why not make it automatic? With that said, there are certainly many cases that the camera does not do a good job with setting the ISO. It all depends.

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Why would you want to do that? I always try to get the exposure as close as possible, well a bit to the right most of the time, if you underexposed and have to boost PP you will obviously end up with more noise.

I use Auto ISO most of the time but only to keep the SS, aperture and exposure within the limits I've set.

Not necessarily, a long time ago I stumbled on an article, I think it was about ETTR, that Nikon crop cameras (same goes for FX just didn't bother to memorize) from D7000 onward (sensor type change from CCD) actually give considerably better noise results when pulling in PP than raising ISO (from a certain ISO level up, which wasn't that high at all). It was all too techy so I don't quite remember the details but it has something to do with camera not really raising sensor signal but boosting with software which is also proposed for lower ISO half-values.
Thou it's defintely not practical to shoot that way.

Can't say I agree with that from my testing. Someone on here told me that it was better to use a higher ISO, I didn't believe them so I tried it myself and they were right.

Try it - overexposure by a stop with the ISO and pull  a correctly exposed shot and see which one you prefer.

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