MFT Lens Turbo II Flare

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Re: more Speedbooster test (and flare)

SiFu wrote:


Thanks for the input - I don't know, is there any specific minimum exposure difference you would suggest? I will gladly retest.

I did not see any examples of your's btw, but I tried to get close to the images in the original post, which to my eye don't sport a much more extreme exposure difference. I could be wrong though and am open to suggestions.

I only have this mobile phone sample snap of our holiday home which does show the "test range" and the conditions the snaps were done in though (except for the last sample):



Hi Alex,

I didn't shoot any tests, but just visually tried four LTii adapted Nikon lenses at a window with no inside lighting, looking out on a sunlit scene -- I mean direct sunlight on urban buildings across the way and concrete pavement outside the window. My results were similar to Alan's, so I didn't bother to record them.

Your scene (shown here, at least) has only scant oblique sunlight on the wood deck and most of the distant scene has a low brightness range, which as I thought, doesn't challenge the lens system.

Looks like a very pleasant place to be, though! I'll have a Mai Tai, please. I don't know what Alan's view out his window looks like.

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