Fuji X100f Review - The mini X-Pro2

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Fuji X100f Review - The mini X-Pro2

The X100f is a great camera, no doubt. But so is the X100t, at a lower cost. And for my personal style of shooting I prefer the X70.
With that said I still can see why you would/should go for the X100f.

Good morning coffee selfie. Crazy amount of push in the shadows for this one.

The best X100 so far?

The X100 series has been out for quite some time now and this is my third camera from the lineup.

Reviewing one from scratch feels rather pointless at this time in my opinion. Only someone very new to photography haven’t come across any of the X100 cameras before and they would most likely not start with the ”f”.

So all my points bellow will be relative to a used X100t or the other similarly priced Fuji cameras on the used market.

Becuase as of today when the X100f is so new, it costs about the same as a used X-Pro2, X-T2 or three X100t’s.

I also made a video review with more samples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ih8ovQml8JQ

  • New Sensor
    It houses the same image quality as the X-Pro2 and X-T2. Really nice. Not just because of the higher resolution but the image as a whole is beautiful.
  • Its a mini X-Pro2
    Its true. Compared to the X-pro2 with a 23mm f2.0 there isn’t that much separating them.
    And in some regards its actually the X100f that draws the longer straw. Like for example customizability and the leaf-shutter with the quiet shutter and high flash sync speed. Its not as fast and sharp though.
  • The new controls
    They have made it so much better. Everything is where it should and the amount of customization is great.
    The only feature I wish still was available for a function button is video.
  • Video
    The video is now so good that I would have no trouble using it for vacations, quick clips, youtube product shots, what have you.
  • Viewfinder
    Wow! It is so much better than before. Clear, crisp, sharp, bright, big, nice, you get the picture.
    It is the best viewfinder Fuji makes. The EVF on the X-T2 is better but since the X100f also has an optical and the little electronic focus screen, it wins.
    I will say it again. The viewfinder on the X100f is the best viewfinder they make (which might make it the best there is? imo of course ).

The mini X-Pro2

Should you buy one?

Thats for you to decide, but a few thoughts.

Its new so it still costs a lot of money. The old X100 costs less than a couple of spare batteries for the ”f” and the others are following. You could with some effort buy three X100t’s for the same price.

You then miss all of the sweet stuff from above. Plus the Acros film simulation, the no need for a macro mode, the faster auto focus, etc, etc.

It is a pretty big upgrade. Probably the biggest upgrade so far in the series.

But the X100t is still a very sweet camera with great image quality and in the same nicely built package.

Speaking of which, a lot of people are disappointed that its not weather sealed.

If you look closely at it with all the seams, small gaps, etc you will understand that this camera is a long costly way from being weather sealed.

If you have the money I say its worth it. If you have other cameras that need lenses and such and this is more of a backup camera, then I might reconsider a ”t” and buy the ”f” when prizes start to drop.

Me personally?

I want one, definitely. But it just doesn’t swing with me.

I love the camera, truly do. But I do not love using it. It doesn’t become that extension of my arm like the X70 or GRii.

Don’t know why I keep buying them. Its like I want to love them.

I do the same thing with the Sony RX100iv which Ive had and sold four or five times, can’t even remember.

I think a tilt screen is pretty much to be expected from a street camera these days and its also a bit big for true closeup candids in my opinion. At the same time its a fixed 23mm with a f2.0 aperture. Which is plenty for street but maybe not super fun for portraits and SDOF shots.

It falls in between the type of things I like to shoot.

I feel like I might as well lug around the X-Pro2. At least in the summer. In winter the X100f fits in a jacket pocket.

Hmmm…. maybe I will buy it again this fall… I will have to think about that.

By then I might know if the ”X70s” has a snap function and the new sensor.

Or if the GRii gets a tilt screen, fingers crossed...


Nothing wrong with Fuji Colors..

nor the B&W.

I love this shot. A totally mundane everyday event that looks epic.

The by now characteristic close focus softness. It still looks good imo.

Fujifilm X100F
24 megapixels • 3 screen
Announced: Jan 19, 2017
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