What is wrong with this pose/photo?

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Re: What is wrong with this pose/photo?

Dark_Knight wrote:

Scott Milso wrote:

Dark_Knight wrote:

lumigraphics wrote:

Her pose is terrible. Head titled and down, knee turned out instead of in, arms extended, stiff, and just not flattering at all.

Turn her away from the camera slightly, have her turn her left knee in across her right knee to create a curve with hips popped to her right, hands on hips with fingers bent, straighten her head up. That and with a wide angle, don't shoot up as you'll get the kind of distortion we see on the edges here.

Thanks for the info. I did have another chance to work with her. But before I got your C&C. I'll continue to work on the image. Here's a couple from our last outing.

These are much better, I bet she's happy with them!

Thanks for the compliments. I'm very critical but she likes them all. We've been practicing a lot lately.

I like the last one...except you cropped it too high

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