I want a Samsung NX1 + 85mm F1.4 (GAS problem)

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Re: The Problem

Veducci wrote:

Interesting the above ! That said, as we all know digital camera bodies , (even the best of their era) eventually become obsolete regardless of how good they once were.

There really aren't many digital cameras that are "obsolete." I suppose it just depends on how you define the word. As long as they are still working they are useful. And when they are used within their limitations, even a 20 year old digital camera can produce very good results.

Sure, they won't perform well at high ISO, and they will be slow for AF and other features. But so will a brand new Sigma Quattro.... which has never been called obsolete.

The lens(es) investment/cost has to be considered along with any body. In a dead end system those high end Samsung lenses that were needed to get the best from the body will become paperweights.

This is absolutely true, although in many cases lenses can be adapted for other lens mounts. There has been a revival in interest (and in selling prices) for Canon FD lenses once it because possible to use them with Sony FE MILC cameras. And often, with automation!

I'm not sure if NX lenses can be used with any other system, but perhaps they can.

It`s obvious the NX1 with good lenses are among the best systems available but knowing it`s dead ended should make most folks think long and hard about paying out list prices , IMO.

True. It really doesn't make much sense for a new NX user when there are many other excellent systems available that are currently supported by their makers. But you never know what the future will bring. I have around $8,000 "invested" in M4/3 gear, and it could become a dead system some day. After all, neither Panasonic nor Olympus is making any money selling them.

However, if I already owned a few nice NX lenses I would be tempted to buy a used NX1. And if I could buy one at a really good price, I would jump on it. But neither is true for me, so I will remain content with my still supported M4/3 system.


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