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X-T2's unreliable AF is driving me CRAZY! HELP!

Hey everyone,

Looking for some help. I've just recently bought two Fuji X-T2 bodies, a 23mm f1.4R and a 56mm f1.2R. I'm finding that, at close distances with both lenses, I'm getting lovely sharp shot wide open. When I'm standing further back (i.e. to do full-length portraits or wider environmental shots), the autofocus is all over the place. At longer camera-subject distance the 23mm consistently back-focuses and the 56mm occasionally front/back focuses.

Seriously! I'm getting lots of rejected photos!

Both cameras are in single shot AF mode, smallest focus point available. Both cameras are shooting in full manual.

Just before anyone jumps in with the obvious culprits:

* Shutter speeds at routinely above 1/200, even happens at 1/1000s or faster so it's not camera shake

* I'm using the joystick to place the focus point over the subject's face for complete accuracy -there's no focus/recompose going on here

* I'm a professional wedding photographer so I have a thorough understanding of depth of field, focal planes etc etc. I can nail shots hand-held at 15th second with my 24-70 on my canon gear, so trust me, its not technique or user error.

Is anyone else finding the XT2 struggles to accurately focus when the subject is further away?

I'm struggling to accept it's "bad copies" of the lens/bodies I have. It's possibly but extremely unlikely that 4 separate items can be faulty all at the same time.

Any thoughts?

Fujifilm X-T2
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