To all those who say Fuji cannot do landscapes...

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Re: To all those who say Fuji cannot do landscapes...

JS Burnie wrote:

Nice images. Thanks for the link. I'd say the success is 90% location and time of day, 5% good technique, 2% eye for composition, 2% skilled post processing, 1% camera gear.

People over estimate the importance of location.  There are many landscapes available in areas that one would not even consider the possibility.  You don't have to go to Santa Fe, NM to take a good landscape.  Time of day is extremely important.  When light is strongly directional.  Flat light like flat mid day sucks - find something else to do.  Composition is the critical element for landscape. Most photographers trying to do landscape include too much territory - most of it a distraction rather than an enhancement to the image.  Determine what you want to say and find the critical element that will allow you to say it.  Technique and processing are critical.  If there is water I want a tripod and a shutter speed of 1/4 second, etc.

Camera gear - any good camera that will take a ND filter is good enough.

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