Cycling DSLR Backpack (or insert)

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Re: Cycling DSLR Backpack (or insert)

No problem, I did 80 miles today with my Clik Elite Escape, a bag that's built for cycling, also suitable for racing bikes.

My gear today: Canon 7DII with 100-400 L II, 100 mm 2.8 Macro and binoculars (heavy 10x42). This is a lightweight setup without the wide angle lens and the Lee filter set.

The thing is, standard backpacks don't work while cycling, you need a curved backpanel with a small waist belt. The downside, those packs are not for hiking with heavy gear.

I fully understand the point of cycling to a place and - as a reward - shoot there. That's the way I combine my workout with photography.

There is another reward, you can follow paths that are inaccessible to cars.

It is hard work but will give you some unique images in the end.

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