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So long post, with so many defense aspects, when it all boils down to:

"The same as 6D" - I might not care about the 4K, dual card slots, focus point spread, but please - DR has to be improved - we are not here to get the same as 5 years old 6D.

We don't need any mythical DPAF II either. All most ppl want to see is the trend, which can be seen with other cameras using on-chip ADC (5DIV, 80D, 77D).

I still hope we will get improved DR, or it is no buy here (in such case I am not leaving canon, but thinking about getting 5DIV instead) ....

I just looked at your website and you have some really nice work their but I did not see a single image that would have tested the DR of a camera, Do you have other work some where else, Just curious why you find the DR of the 6D limiting.

Well, not sure how to explain and not make the post long and boring, but here we go:

I don't consider myself being a photographer, it would just be too arrogant, when I can see and admire the work of others. I am an IT guy, freak & geek, who is passionate about about just everything I do, and also being a lazy dog. We also have two observatories, we made some of our scopes, as well as we built our own CCD camera some 15 years ago and had ethernet in it as first in the world in that segment.

So, I once woke up and though - I want a studio. So I took most of my money and built one. There is no studio like ours until you hit a big city. I invest 20-30% of my income in new stuff, so that we or other ppl can shoot.

After 5 nice years, we are mostly about to close the studio. You can call me a stupid, but if I decide to do something, I gave it a 100% of my energy and attitude. The shots you can see at our site, are studio ones. With proper lightning, you don't need any spectacular DR. All our shots are done using 70D anyway.

But - we are rearranging our photo activities and more and more we are asked to do weddings. While I love our portable Elinchrom ELB400 light for photoshoots, I also kind of hate flash during the ceremony - it kind of ruins the scene. So my wife asked me, if we could try to do weddings like some other ppl do it - 5D series, fast primes, no flash. And for that, better DR is imo really handy.

As for the attitude, I will give you an example - go and find the red.com/hydrogen article at cinema5d.com. You know, historically even behemoth like Nokia laughed, when Apple announced iPhone. Now they are gone and devastated. I really hope that Canon is working on some bleeding edge - modular stuff, detachable stuff, mirrorless future stuff. Because one day, it will become reliable and ppl will love it and it will change/shift the way we aproach photography.

What I also think is, that most Canon defenders, are not honest. I believe, that in some sense, all of us, apart from practical merits, like the bleeding edge. Heck, don't you remember those glory days of 7DII/5DII? If Canon would release cool FF mirrorless tomorrow, most ppl would be proud of that.

Now back to Canon 6DII. Down at the FM forums, there are now posts confirming the weak DR, using production sample cameras. If it is really true, I am really upset at Canon! How the hell they managed to bring us worse DR than the lower specced 80D/77D, using the on-chip ADC? OK, you might say the 6D has good enough DR anyway. Once again - I am not here to buy the camera, which has 5+ years dated DR characteristics.

Is there a DR spec on the Canon 6D/6D2 spec sheet?  Where did they promise you anything regarding DR anyway? That's the thing...if DR were a spec, they'd be using that as a marketing point telling us how much more we will get if we upgrade.  Most people don't care about DR.

I will have to think what we do next, as I want Canon 24-70/2.8 II too, and together with 5DIV, the price is a bit difficult to bear. You know, in our region, we take 300-400USD for the wedding shoot. And for me anyway, it is just a hobby.

Sorry for a longish post ....

If it is just a hobby, then why do you care?  You don't really need any extra DR.

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