How many people still use the Pentax K10D?

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Just got myself a new Pentax

Another K10D that is. I still use it regularly as my only DSLR (next to a small mirrorless). Recently I was asked by friends to shoot a baptism and two marriages within a time span of less than four weeks. So I bought a second K10D just in case as my other body is now roughly ten years old. Both worked flawlessly - and not just in bright sunlight. You just need to do what was always necessary with those cameras: shoot in RAW and use the best RAW software around. Here are a few samples (first ISO 100 in bright daylight):

And the K10D works just as well inside at ISO 280:

But what about people, party and some atmo at ISO 800?

And finally a late night beauty and some breakdancers at ISO 1600:

Sorry for so many pics. They were just meant to show that the old workhorse K10D is still going strong, at least when used with some up-to-date Raw converter (DxO with its PRIME noise reduction in this case).  All I'm still longing for is an autofocus with high speed, pin-point accuracy and face detection/eye focus - but that's something no Pentax can deliver.



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