About that tantalising combination of super-wide angle & HDR-Art / Or when 21mm Tryx is not enough.

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About that tantalising combination of super-wide angle & HDR-Art / Or when 21mm Tryx is not enough.

Btw, I might have mentioned it before in this forum, but not in any recent thread, so it seems appropriate here:

For the just as tantalising combination of HDR-Art & panorama, and given the very decent HDR-Art capability with *video* on all ZR-models (ZR-200 and higher/later), there is a solution, although it requires post-processing, outside of the camera:

There are conversion tools available that can turn a video swing into a panoramic still image.

So first create a HDR-Art video, swing around (up/down or diagonally, even more forgiving than the in-camera panorama-modus!), feed the movie into this conversion tool, and have an HDR-Art panoramic still image.

Note that I never used any of these converters yet, but I have full confidence that this works....;))

Granted, HDR-Art video with ZR-200+ is a bit finnicky, being only 15fps, so panning must be very slow, and the maximum wide-angle would be the 19mm from the ZR-5000 (with again the puzzle what angle might be lost by shooting video (and using smaller piece of the same sensor), instead of still).

Nice bonus, for some subjects: starting with video allows you to change focal length towards standard/tele, cq beyond the default max-wide-angle setting of most (any?) camera with in-camera panorama-stitching.

Hope to have inspired some, to get away from those darn restrictions....;))

(somehow, I think a full in-camera solution will be first possible with a smart-phone, cq aftermarket app, not in any regular digicam....unless Casio makes a significant jump in technology, 6 years after the launch of the first HDR-Art video camera (ZR-200).

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