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Re: Bye bye Cortana - well almost

gail wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

P.S. Wait a minute Gail, you tweaked your system by shutting down Cortana!

For the way I compute, I found Cortana the most annoying, unwelcome thing I've ever encountered during my many years computing (pre-browser; listservs).

I too found Cortana annoying and unwelcome. Unhelpful too. Clippy?

I believe all these apps and services running in the background do take up unnecessary resources. I literally shut off everything in the Cortana settings menu.

The Black Viper website has lists of services that can be disabled on various versions of Windows. My wife followed their recommendations for XP years ago, and was very satisfied with the result. Windows 10 is new and runs on faster hardware, so she hasn't disabled much yet, but recommendations are there already:

After research, I discovered you can "hide" the entire Cortana search bar (with it's nag ad constantly showing when using it because I refuse to install the Cortana app on my smartphone).

My wife installed Classic Shell and hasn't been bothered by Cortana enough to mention it.

I chose that only the Cortana icon be shown next to the Windows Start menu because I still have to use it to search for files on my computer.

You don't need Cortana for that. File Explorer (formerly Windows Explorer) has a search bar.

I started a thread about my journey with Cortana here.

Yes, I saw it but did not contribute.

I have Google Now, Maps, Calendar, and a fair amount of apps on my Android smartphone so find no reason to use Microsoft on my computer that simply mimics Google services.

How many people feel that way? The one Microsoft service that I do like is OneDrive.

Hotmail involves even more spam than Yahoo mail, if that is possible.

I will tolerate just so much invasion of privacy by these gizmo Companies. But that's a whole other topic.

"You have no privacy. Get over it." F. Scott McNealy, former CEO of Sun Microsystems.

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