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Re: You sum up my feelings wrt glass on small format

MedicineMan999 wrote:

John you beat me to it. This coming weekend I hope to do Milky way with the FE12-24...odds are never good where I live=temperate rain forest with 300+ days a year of either rain/sleet/snow/hail/clouds...if not then the Moon, well you know how that goes. I work every other week so the odds further diminish since I work at night But fingers crossed; I'd love to see 12mm against the night sky. F4 would seem insane for the Milky Way but you've shown F4 is fine with the right sensor.

Yes we need to thin the lens herd....I'd doing good so far in selling off 4 Canon bodies and 8 Canon lenses in the past few weeks/months. The a9 was the death knell for my 1DXii, it shipped away this morning. Some Canon lenses I might keep because we're also having fun with the little M5.

Thanks for pointing out the shot was in Waterton; we'll be in Glacier first of September...maybe the core will still be around that far north?

OK, keep shooting!

ooops, forgot to mention the a9 likes macro too, extension tube on the FE90

Yep - that 90 macro is on my prime list.  The reviews and objective testing web-sites has it one of the sharpest lenses for the system (along with the 55 1.8 Batis) and I know a lot of astro-photographers are loving the new 18mm f2.8 Batis too.

I was pleased at how sharp this zoom was even out too the edges wide open.  Of course, that's what I liked about the Olympus lenses, but Sony's FE history has been a bit hit or miss.  Their newer offerings seem to realize people actually care about lens performance.

I bet there's a web site that simulates the Milky Way and position by time and date and spot on the earth.  I took about 50 shots of various aimings and f stops and iso's.   I could not tell with my human eye where the best angle was but kept adjusting and reviewing.

On the Olympus side I'm loving the 300 F4 for stand off ish Macro shots.  Very easy to get the critter shots.

When your in Waterton, check out Cameron lake.  At night there is not a light in view.  In the fall it'll likely be 'crisper' out too.

We tried some Milky Way shots the same evening out in front of the Prince of Wales hotel but even a hint of human lighting wreaks it.  I saw some south waterton camping area stony beach milky way shots online and those were similarly wreaked (imo) with the sodium street lights leaking into the foreground lighting up the beach.

I've read some early speculation that the DR on the A9 won't be up to speed with their earlier sensors such that the read out speed created a trade off.  I'm not seeing that myself and I'm starting to see some other articles stating that as well.  Be interesting to see the objective numbers on that at some point.

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