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... Daughter number 2 getting married in SF this weekend! Excited and it will be much fun. Happy photos!

Congratulations! Are you doing to be the photographer, or back-up photographer?

Thank you CA! Regarding photos, I'm more like back up to the back up. Kidding aside, they hired a pro who has an assistant. I'm taking my D3300 with a 35mm 1.8 lens and keeping it simple. My other daughter knows her way around a camera so I we can trade back/forth. I'm also bringing 2 of the Fuji instant photo cameras for guests to use..should be fun.

What a wedding! I need sleep..lol. Gf and I got home at 3am and were whupped..no way we can hang with these millennials. The venue was a art gallery which was just perfect with diverse lighting and art work on the walls. Food was delicious, bar was well setup with excellent bartenders, sound system and DJ was great (2 attractive ladies who danced non stop for 5 hours).

Regarding photos: I had other duties to keep me busy (father daughter dance, welcome speech and words about she and new hubby) and did not snap a photo (except for my smartphone). The pro was amazing to watch as she was well organized, armed to the teeth with 2 Canon Mark's, bounce flash, and lighting kit. I just kept out of her way! I asked her home many shoots she averages a month and she said 6-7 and confirmed by the wedding planner that she was indeed a busy lady. Can't wait to see the results. I'm happy I did not get out my camera as it was good fun meeting new people and talking with friends and family.

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