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Re: Dual System shooter again

MEDISN wrote:

Now, now, a properly exposed image doesn't need "salvaging" I used a D750 recently at an event and was quite impressed at the latitude present in post. I still shoot with an E-1 which leaves next to zero room for shadow recovery (but does reward when you nail the exposure). Modern sensors are amazing. All eyes on the A7IIIR now and whatever this rumored Nikon mirrorless will be.

Agreed - except I wasn't salvaging the whole image, the DR present in the image was more than the EM1 sensor would have handled.  I brought the blown out area down 3 stops (the sky) where the sun was poking out and was able to keep the rest of the cloudy image.  This was an HDR situation and I didn't have to use any HDR techniques (like the EM1 has with multiple shots) to pull it off.

Yes - I love the 12-100.  As a trail hiking companion, it's perfect and the 'macro-ish' ability of that lens is really good too.  At true do it all lens!

ok, the 'salvaged shot'.

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