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Re: You sum up my feelings wrt glass on small format

MedicineMan999 wrote:

Now wouldn't it have been wonderful if Sony had given the a9 the same stile LCD as the Olympus?

Ha - indeed.  One of my first thoughts was, A9 viewfinder - wow, that's amazing and better, then yuck - how am I going to do a selfie with this back screen!

I love the complete flexibility of the EM1-2 approach to the back screen.
I did think the EM1 viewfinder was great but the A9 redefines how good an evf can be imo.

I was using both cameras back to back on this trip and there were times where in the sky on the EM1 the sky was blown out on the evf (pictures were rine) where on the A9 everything was accurately rendered so there's a DR range difference to the evf as well imo.
I read you had 20 lenses on the m4/3 side.  I was only up to 10 lenses on the m4/3rds side. but am rationalizing that down to leverage the strengths of both systems.  On the Olympus side that's the 300 f4, 12-100 and for indoor less obtrusive shots the 12-40 and the 14-42 kit lens on my wife's Pen F and the 60 macro.   The other primes, and they were so lovely, are all gone.  Those dollars will be adding some primes on the A9 side after some more research.
I always loved the 7-14 f4 4/3 and 7-14 f2.8 m4/3 and now I'm enjoying the 12-24 on the A9 which is even wider.  The arrival of that lens on the Sony side in the last few weeks was one of the main deciders for me to add the A9 to the stable since the added dynamic range of the A9 for landscape shooting addresses one of the weak links in what was my favorite zoom range.
Here's a shot on that lens form this vacation:

This was at ISO 6400 20 sec.  I'm sure the 7-14 on the EM1 could do this too, though I'm not sure I'd be getting the same results since I've got more light to play with, with a better sensor.

This is at Cameron Lake, btw.  This is a spot you can drive to in Waterton Park, Canada with no light pollution at all.  It was not ideal as I really needed another hour past sunset, but the moon was about to rise about 10 minutes after this shot.  I bumped the contrast in post to get it to look more like it would on a proper well after sunset shot.

But, I've been shooting digital since the Olympus E1 came out and the D30 on the Canon side.  There is about 4 to 8 years difference between sensor tech where the 4/3 sensor capability equals what used to be FF in the past.  I don't know how much more can be improved as the rate of improvement in actual noise seems to be slowing down.  Things now seem to be focused on speed of readout rather than base sensor DR and Noise improvements.

Still, I wonder at some point where the effective margins where FF lets you get a shot that would be tougher on 4/3rds will be.  But for now FF still does have some advantages and with much of the Olympus technical innovations showing up on the Sony side in a FF format, adding the A9 seemed a no brainier.

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