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Hello everyone

I just wanted to share that last Saturday I left my camera bag (Ona brand) containing my brand new X-T2 (1 day old)! with the XF 16mm and the 35mm 1.4 and the Fuji Instax printer SP-2 in the cart in the parking lot at my local Walmart!!!

I was was very tired that day and I am still shocked and mad at myself for doing something as stupid as leaving it in the cart... and drive home without it.! I took the camera with me while shopping because it was pretty hot outside and I felt safer having it with me as opposed to leaving it in the car.

This is worth over 3300 in retail pricing.

It's me sound like this is not possible, but it really happened.

20 minutes after making it back home, I realized my horrible mistake.

I drove frantically back to Walmart, I went with customer service counter to be told that someone called saying they had found a camera... !

After waiting for 25 excruciating minutes as I am going back and forth looking at every cash register line looking for a guy holding onto my bag (I was thinking no way he would change his mind and no bring it back), this guy looks at me and says: "are you looking for a camera?"

that was an amazing feeling of relief when he said I have your camera. He had left it in his car, because he felt it was safer there as opposed to leaving it at the counter...

I am just saying that I believe in miracles.  There was no way that this could have happened with a happy ending. But it did. This could have been one of the worst days  to remember for the rest of my life, instead, it became one that I will remember with a smile for a long long time.

from now on I will be more gracious towards my wife when she misplaces things around LOL

yes, there are still some amazing people out there.


attached is the picture of my camera bag and the contents

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