Anyone using a 300mm f4 PF with 2xlll tele-extender?

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Re: Anyone using a 300mm f4 PF with 2xlll tele-extender?

AlaskaAce wrote:

Hi all,

I am using the 300m f4 PF with the 1.4x lll on my D500 and it works great. I also use the 1.4x lll on my 200-500 f5.6 and at f8 still focuses quickly and fairly good resolution. The 300mm with 2x lll would be a much a smaller and lighter package.

When I need the reach in a small, light package, the 300mm f/4E PF with TC-20E III is my first choice.  Focus speed is clearly reduced from that of the lens alone, but it can still just about keep up with a bird in flight.  Here are a few shots from this combination, ann on a D810, hand-held with VR on (the Swordfish biplane was at 1/160th to get some prop blur)...

I think some of the negative press this combination gets is from those who aren't used to using 600mm on a high-pixel-density camera.  Getting good results hand-held does take practice, but this would apply to any lens of similar focal length.

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