Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

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Re: Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

Dan_168 wrote:

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I don't really feel the 18, 25, and 85 are overpriced persay , but that 18 is worth every penny. The 135 seems out there to me but I have not used it. AF, lightweight, and sharp make a good product. I'm sure other lenses can do it but the Batis 18 and 25 are a joy to use and top shelf imho.

Whether something is "overpriced" is very personal. My take on the Batis line is yes. I just sold my 4 month old Batis 25 to my friend and my Batis 18 is still on local Craigslist. just not a huge fan of this line of Zeiss product. it really doesn't feel like i am using a Zeiss lens. optic is fine but all the plastic housing, the horrible focusing ring and MF operation, it's just none-Zeiss like.

the body of Batis lenses is metal, not plastic. The focusing ring is rubber. Of course if you want to feel the true MF Zeiss lens experience, getting an AF lens is a wrong move. These are AF lenses, not MF.

With the 85 1.8, I don't think is overpriced for only $1200, but I went with the 85GM and feel it worth every penny, mainly the Bokeh difference between the GM and the Batis. Now if I compare that Batis to the newer Sony 85 1.8, I feel the Sony 1.8 is a bargain for what you are getting for half of the price of the Batis.

The Sony is indeed a great "deal", but it is not as good as the Batis 85 in terms of flare resistance under critical situations.

As for the Batis 135 F2.8, I don't know if I will call it overprice or not, but for me, I will never paid $2000 for a 135 F2.8 lens when I can get a one full stop faster Zeiss 135 F2 Milvus for only $2200, and not to mention the Samyang 135 F2 for $500, not that is a steal, and I love both of my Zeiss 135 F2 apo and Samyang. so I guess in my eyes the whole Batis lne id kind of "overpriced", i never consider the Loxia 21 and the whole Milvus line very expensive for what you are getting though.

Again, the Batis 135 offers image stabilization and AF, some will value that more than MF.

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