How many people still use the Pentax K10D?

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Re: Indefatigable!

jamesm007 wrote:


Well Ok not the Pentax K10, but the Samsung GX10, the same as the K10 but from Samsung when the two companies were linked.

I used the GX10 for a couple of years before getting the K20, one day I found the GX10's rear LCD screen wouldn't display, it was out of guarantee. Then bingo, I found another GX10 with a broken shutter for 50 euros inc. charger and battery, I spoke to my Pentax friend and he kindly said to send it in and it came back working fine, then little used, I sold it to a friend.

At the end of the winter, his pipes froze and the GX10 and his K01 got completely flooded, drowned they remained under water for two days, he dried them out in an airing cupboard for a week at 60° C, both having a few silico-gel packets poked in the bayonet mouths.

To my (our) surprise both bodies came back to life working perfectly, drowned lenses and all, the only sign being that the lenses had a few water marks............ far these two cameras seem indefatigable


Because of how long I have seen you and your pics I fully believe you (pics add a he is real, for me). I can't understand how they withstood that unless it was DA* lens, not deep under water, and lots of luck. All I can say is this is one I will not test.

These three lenses, the 18-55 kit and the 50-200mm plus the Tamron 70-300mm LD, are all screw-drive lenses, so no internal motors, they were like everything else, underwater in the camera bag with the two cameras for two days. What surprised me was that both cameras had batteries, I think what helped is that the water was pure tap water, so no acids or impurities to act as a electrolite, when they dried it leaves no residues on the circuit boards.

Thanks for the story!

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