Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

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Re: Is there anyone out there actually using Batis 135?

Dan_168 wrote:

FF Pro wrote:

I don't really feel the 18, 25, and 85 are overpriced persay , but that 18 is worth every penny. The 135 seems out there to me but I have not used it. AF, lightweight, and sharp make a good product. I'm sure other lenses can do it but the Batis 18 and 25 are a joy to use and top shelf imho.

Whether something is "overpriced" is very personal. My take on the Batis line is yes. I just sold y 4 month old Batis 25 and the 18 is still on local Craigslist. just can't get my head around this line, it really doesn't feel like i am using a Zeiss lens.

With the 85 1.8, I don't think is overpriced but I went with the 85GM and feel it worth every penny, mainly the Bokeh difference between the GM and the Batis. Now if I compare that Batis to the newer Sony 85 1.8, I feel the Sony 1.8 is a bargain for what you are getting.

As for the Batis 135 F2.8, I don't know if I will call it overprice or not, but for me, I will never paid $2000 for a 135 F2.8 lens when I can get a one full stop faster Zeiss 135 F2 Milvus for only $2200, and not to mention the Samyang 135 F2 for $500, not that is a steal, and I love both of my Zeiss 135 F2 apo and Samyang. so I guess in my eyes the whole Batis lne id kind of "overpriced", i never consider the Loxia 21 and the whole Milvus line very expensive for what you are getting though.

I certainly can understand your point-of-view. I used the Loxia 21 today on a shoot and it is just lovely. I really love the Batis line but in my heart, Loxia is special.

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