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Re: Dual System shooter again

Did you find you were missing shots with eye-AF on the OMD? I haven't used the A9 yet but even my E-M5 mk1 has great eye-AF (in S-AF mode). I also shoot with a 5DIII and the little E-M5 gave me far higher keeper rate for kid portraits. Granted my subjects aren't jumping around the viewfinder and I don't have Parkinson's yet! The E-M1 mkII with tracking and eye-AF enabled I've found to be ridiculously accurate even with hats, glasses, animals, it just works. Can't wait to try the A9.

I also had a 5d III and I love the closest eye feature on the EM1 and IS with primes.  I had the 85 1.2 and 50 1.2 on the Canon side but it was very hit and miss for indoor portraits for focus accuracy.  The EM1 makes that type of shooting easier.  The A9 gives me that same capability I love just like the EM1 over the 5d3 but  I get to shoot with a single 24-70 f2.8 zoom and get very nearly the same DOF 3d effect as with the 42.5 1.2 or 25 1.2 on the Olympus side.  So there is more flexibility on the A9 side.  I'll be adding some primes to the A9 which will allow for more 3d effect on the occasions I 'need' it.
There are some videos online of the A9 in eye tracking mode even with 20 fps sporting type events.  It's scary good!     
I just got back from vacation and the DR helped me get a couple of keeper shots to print that I don't think I would have been able to salvage on the EM1 (on the one pulled down the overexposed areas 3 stops) and I also got a great milky way shot I know I would not have gotten on the EM1.  But it is definitely at the margins where the A9 is useful.   For most shooting there is no practical difference in output.
For most shots the EM1 is great!  I also used my EM1 on this vacation on the all day hike including boat trip shuttle and got a bunch of fun shots with it too.  (with that wonderful 12-100 lens)
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