6D MarkII will be a commercial success

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6D MarkII will be a commercial success

I just had a look around youtube for any previews. I came across all the generic promo videos and the Beta reviews from various photographers.

The main market these cameras are aimed at (I think) are regular people. Regular people are not going to read these threads and understand or care what DR is.

Let me give you an example:

Well Heeled Customer walks into a camera store: I am thinking about buying a new camera to replace my 10 year old digital camera. We are going to my Sisters wedding, and would like to get some good shots of our friends and family.

Camera shop worker: Have you got anything you have had you're eye on.

WHC: Ummmm I guess Canon. I see them on TV, all the sports guys seems to like them and Bill at works says it's good. Plus I had a look on Amazon and they get awesome customer reviews.

CSW: Canon are nice cameras... have you you considered mirrorless cameras like Sony?

WHC: Whats that and don't Sony make Streros and TV's??

CSW: No sir... They have been making cameras for a long time and have made some exciting developments. Mirrorless means it has no mirror.

WHC: Ummmmm well... I think I might look at the Canon or Nikon first.

**twenty minutes later after going through all the canon cameras they land on the 6DII**

CSW: So this is the entry level full frame camera.

WHC: What's that mean?

CSW: Well generally speaking they are what the professionals use and great in low light. This is the follow up to the super successful original 6D. I just want to say though it has no 4K

WHC: 4K...Huh?

CSW: Video mode. The latest video mode.

WHC: oh... does that matter?

CSW: Depends on what you want, but it has 1080 which is like Blu Ray, but just just not the 4K

WHC: Oh... I never thought of video. But Blu ray quality video would be nice sometimes I suppose. I don't think we have a 4K TV anyway.

CSW: Well, you will be able to take very nice pictures with the 6DII and you get to choose from a lot of lenses. Canon has lots of lenses.

**At this point his wife is tapping her foot and the kids are getting restless**

WHC: OK so this 6D is better than those rebels and a step up from that 80D over there even though they look the same. The pros use these Full Frame things you mentioned and the 6D has that.

CSW: Yes sir.

WHC: Sold.

I know this is simplistic. But this is pretty much how retail works. Sadly I have experience in this. Never underestimate branding when it comes to the public.

To be fair, a regular person is going to love the 6D, just like they would many other cameras.  They will be amazed at how nice the images are. They could not care less about DR and probably care even less about 4K.

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