Olympus a200 teleconverter (1.5X)

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Olympus a200 teleconverter (1.5X)

Recently tested 60$ Olympus A200 teleconverter (1.5X) on Sony 50mm OSS and Sigma 60mm

Sony 50mm@f1.8 + Olympus A200

Sigma 60mm@f2.8 + Olympus A200

Sony 50mm@f1.8


Sigma 60mm creates more compression (as expected), Sony @f1.8 create more diffuse out of focus (as expected). Olympus does not affect resolution much but, I think, change a bit field curvature (center focus is slightly in front of corners), bad for painting reproduction but ok for portraits. Olympus may amplify already existing curvature in the lens.

Sigma 60mm@f2.8 center (100% crop)

Sigma 60mm@2.8 + Olympus A200 center (100% crop)

Sigma 60mm@f2.8 corner (100% crop)

Sigma 60mm@f2.8 + Olympus A200 corner (focus corrected)  (100% crop)

As we already know Sigma is sharper than Sony (Sony 50mm catch up stopped down to 2.8 with Sigma@2.8 in center but corners are always sharper on Sigma).

Flat view
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