Nikon D610 Won't Focus Through View Finder But Will In live Mode.

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Nikon D610 Won't Focus Through View Finder But Will In live Mode.

Having difficulty with my Nikon D610. I've been to 3 camera stores near me and no luck getting any answers without having to leave it for a long period of time. Or asking me questions like I was dumb. "Did you try to adjust the view finder focus?" "What ISO are you trying to shoot at?" "Did you try wiping the lens clean of dust?".

I have a sigma 35mm 1.4 art lens attached and when I try to shoot a portrait through the view finder, it's not as clear as it should be. When I switch to live mode with the same settings, it shoots as crisp as it should. Anyone have any tips or ideas what could be causing this?

  • I've checked the fine tune. Was told it wouldn't change anything on my camera as the camera won't fine tune any other lenses other than Nikorr lenses.
  • I try to shoot between 100-800iso at all times.
  • I have the auto focus on AF-C. I've tried all other options as well.
  • I shoot with the aperture as open as I can as I like the DOF look.
  • I've tried different metering options.
  • I don't see any dirt or anything inside the camera.
  • Never been dropped.

I will try to update with pictures showing the difference when I get a chance.


Nikon D610
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