advice for an affordable monitor for editing with macbook pro

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Re: advice for an affordable monitor for editing with macbook pro

veeco5150 wrote:

I have calibrated before and will used my friends calibration tools to do it again for a new monitor. I had heard before that Mac systems (laptop and mac monitor) are made to have spot on color profiles; but that was a long while ago. I don't even think mac makes monitors anymore so I'm looking to go outside of that.

Apple no longer sells Apple-branded standalone monitors.   This may change when they come out with a new, modular Mac Pro some time in 2018.

They do sell 4K and 5K LG monitors.  (There aren't all that many standalone 5K monitors on the market, and this one takes Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) input, making it a match for the latest MacBook Pros and iMacs.)

I guess if I need to calibrate it anyways, it wouldn't matter too much what kind of monitor I would need to get?
I'd like something that is about the same quality as my 3 year old Macbook Pro retina screen....or in that ball park.

I am getting into 4k video but it's not my bread and butter and I don't really need that as much for video although it would be nice. But a used HD or Retina would be great.

If you're looking for Retina quality, you will want UHD/4K resolution on a 24" monitor, or 5K resolution on a 27" one.

If you would rather have a large workspace than Retina detail, you could look at 27" IPS 2560 x 1440 pixel DisplayPort monitors.

Just about every 24" monitor should have "HD" resolution (1920 x 1080), or a bit better (1920 x 1200).  The 1920 x 1200 monitors are prized because they provide extra vertical space to work on word processing documents and photos.

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