I was about to totally sell all my gear ...

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Re: better gear HAS made me a better photographer

Dennis wrote:

griddi wrote:

As I already said, I got sort of a " lift " when buying a new lens or camera etc. but then also I am a very impulsive buyer,

Dangerous ! I'm an impulsive bargain shopper ... and more often than not, I end up regretting a purchase that I made because it was a good deal (or because it was cheaper than the thing I really wanted, but was too cheap to pay for).

- Dennis
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I had a smile on my face when reading your above comment :-).......

It had happened to me too that I regretted later a " bargain " purchase, but mostly only with dresses / handbags etc ( I am female ) but never with camera's / photographic gear, or car's,  which I never even bought secondhand either ........


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