SSD or HDD for long term storage?

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Re: HDD -- not!

Sean Nelson wrote:

earthisle wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

...the problem is that a "bad burn" can leave you with data that's very degraded right from the get-go. And you can't tell when you read the disc because the drive corrects the errors on the fly. There's no apparent difference between a pristine perfect disc vs. a badly recorded one in which the drive is barely able to recover the data by using every last ECC block it has. You don't actually discover that there's a problem until the disk until you have unreadable data, and by then it's too late.

I burn with BurnAware and very each disc. Would that verification show such issues?

Does this even apply with Blu-Ray metal based tech? DVDs may be difference since they were dye based

I've never researched BluRay burning so I couldn't really say. I can tell you, though, that merely reading the disc tells you nothing about the burn quality unless it's so bad that the disc is completely unreadable. You need software that shows the raw error rates, and that requires a drive that's capable of reporting them. I have no idea whether those are available for BluRay discs or not. I did a very quick Google search but didn't find anything on the first results page, although a more determined search might turn up something.

I ended up buying Nero Burning ROM 2017 because of bugs in BurnAware like thinking 6x discs are 12x and still burning at 8x even when set to 4x.

I have been doing checking the box for both Verify and SecurDisc Surface Scan, but I'm not sure it's doing both. It doesn't take any longer

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