Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout

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Re: Micro Four Thirds Focal Reducer Shootout

@MichailK --

"...it all boils down to how well the chosen lens plays game with the Lens Turbo as the other manual Nikon lenses I had at hand behaved differently as far as frame wide sharpness, vignetting, hot spotting goes and I ended up always wondering how much better would they behave on the proper Speed Booster if I could afford it."

It would be helpful if you would explain which other Nikon lenses you used and how they behaved, if you can remember. If you wondered how well they would behave on the "proper" SB, then perhaps you were dissatisfied with their performance on the LT. I think that specific information about defects or IQ dissatisfaction would be useful to other users. Metabones is the sure bet, but it's not the only solution that can provide high IQ for the type of work in question.

I'm guessing you upgraded to native lenses because you could then afford them and you believed they would be optimal -- which is a reasonable expectation, but not always true. It may depend on how you want to work. Manufacturers of native lenses program their cameras to optimize AF points for each of their lenses and use special algorithms for face recognition and distortion/aberration correction, which make shooting and processing much easier.

Those who prefer to use AF should probably not even consider adapted lenses unless a fully automatic adapter is available (it will be quite costly) and their specific lens AF has been demonstrated to be quick and accurate with the adapter. Some of us (a dwindling few, it seems) do not find manual focus to be a disadvantage for the type of shooting we do, and in some cases it's clearly advantageous, especially for video and with cameras that have magnification and peaking features.

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