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Re: Longer Focal Lengths

Alan WF wrote:

Alan WF wrote:

I might look at that with my 50/1.4 and 100/2.8.

Yeah, they flare too.

I pointed the camera at an interior wall just below a brightly illuminated window. The window was just outside the top of the frame. I tested the New FD 100/2.8, 50/1.4, and 28/2.8 on an unbaffled LT2. I shot each lens wide open focused on the wall, once with no shade and once with a 15 x 20 cm piece of cardboard above and in front of the lens to shade it from the window. This is pretty much a torture test for this sort of flare.

Here is the BTS:

And here are the results. The top row is the 100/2.8, the middle row the 50/1.4, and the bottom row the 28/2.8. On the left, without the shade. On the right, with the shade.

So, yes, they all suffer from this flare.

Interesting, the flare changes character with focal length. With the 100/2.8, it seems to be a fairly uniform veiling. With the 50/1.4 and more so with the 28/2.8, the flare acquires more structure and is worse at the top of the frame.



Using the LTii, from one lens to the next there may be "fairly uniform" flare when they are all angled to produce flare, however I found that the longer FL lenses are less susceptible to flare through different camera angles. IOW the flare appears in a narrower range of camera angles to the light source, which is what one would expect. This means it's easier to avoid flare with longer lenses simply by slightly changing position and/or camera angle.

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