MFT Lens Turbo II Flare

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Re: Other People's Experience

Alan WF wrote:

obsolescence wrote:

I notice this too, but much less so with longer lenses. I would never use WA lenses with a focal reducer, anyway.

Interesting. Thanks for the confirmation. Perhaps with a longer lens, the more distant exit pupil causes these reflections to be geometrically diluted. I might look at that with my 50/1.4 and 100/2.8.

When did you buy your LT2? I ask because the absence of reports made me think there might have been a recent tweak to the design or manufacture hat caused this problem. I got mine only this April.



I got mine in Sept. of 2016. I can't imagine they would make a change for the worse. I have 50, 55, 105, and 180mm Nikkor lenses -- the flare in your test gets progressively less with increasing FL. I also put deeper lens hoods on, since the effective angle of view with FR Adapter is less than what the lenses were designed for.

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