how fast/slow to pan and what fps to use to get no judder?

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how fast/slow to pan and what fps to use to get no judder?

I have heard that filming in 60 fps is only necessary for filming fast moving subjects such as race cars and sports... however I have watched plenty of videos on youtube where I know the person filming is using 24fps or 30fps and when they pan I can still see judder. They are using a gimble and are panning medium to medium slow. In my opinion they are panning what I would consider slow. Not too slow to fall asleep where they are going like a snail and not too fast that it's just a blur and you can't see the subject, but a nice steady comfortable sweep, but I still see plenty of judder always. I see it on multiple different people's travel videos. I don't think I've seen a pan that didn't have judder. That is what led me to think, it's the frame rate that is too slow. I started to believe that a higher frame rate would be necessary. Maybe 40 or 60.

For all this video, I'm referring to 4K. I don't know if 1080 or 4K would make a difference in terms of judder.

So I was looking at cameras and I was considering the Panasonic G85, everything seemed perfect until I realized it can only do 4K up to 30 fps... so then I was like, well then GH5 it's gonna have to be.

But... some ppl said 60fps is only for super fast stuff..

I have seen some videos filmed in 4K 60fps, but those were filmed from inside a moving train. They were either filmed from the front of the train looking forward, or looking out the side of the window, and I can't say they looked very good. Pretty blurry. But those were very fast moving speeds.

I don't think I've seen a 4K vid in 60fps that had a slow pan. Can anyone show me a 4k vid in 60 fps where there is no judder, or even a 4K vid in 24 or 30 fps that has no judder?

I'd just like to know if it's possible to get no judder while panning in 24/30 fps and I'd like to compare it with 60fps. Mind you all I've seen has been on youtube. I don't know if the videos were originally judder free and youtube compressed them and ruined it introducing judder..

I did find these videos

60fps pan test

24fps pan test

60fps is definitely better

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